First Setup

Setting Up Your Flurby TV Box For The First Time

Step1. Set Up Your Internet Connection

Step 2. Click the Furby Icon to launch the Flurby Adult TV App

Please Note: The first time you launch the app it will want to do an update of all the latest adult links and websites. Please allow a few minutes for the update to finish. Sometimes, if the website where the update is coming from has any issues, it may restart the flurby app, or cause it to freeze. If this happens, just restart the App or Unplug the TV Box and plug it back in.


Added Bonus, ISTV Premium TV One Month Membership

STV Premium brings you over 1300 TV Channels and Thousands of Movies from around the world. Even though your Flurby app comes with thousands of movies, some people want to replace their Cable or Satelite Provider with our Premium TV Services. We have included a one month membership free of charge for you to test this service out.

Please email for your user name and password.